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OASIS Austrian Couture autumn and winter 2014 women's brand fashion show at the Shanghai Fashion Week show, Oasis along with the cheerful and lively music, Oasis her clothes tailor fit, with gorgeous flowers, dresses, fashion wave point, exquisite perfection of detail, The Smart temperament confident modern women's independent style interpretation of the head. L'Oreal Paris salon exclusive use of the preparation of three strands braided together to build the Oasis lantern ponytail hairstyle, ponytail hair down soda to create an abundance of fluffy texture, echoing the neat tailoring clothes whole body, head on both sides of the choice of three braided establishment, the Smart playful feeling and beautiful flowers, Mo Dengbo point embraced with fine hair bands cheap human hair extensions fixed head area, to bring you a full range of children in Europe and America's sweetheart ladies Look. Build steps: 1, Te Liya FullVolumeExtra250ml / 148RMB requires a lot of mousse from the roots of the hair began layers applied to a uniform, fluffy texture to create 2 partitions to create the entire cheap full lace wigs human hair into the head, the sides and the tail of the three regions on both sides of the region the amount of full lace human hair wigs from each of three strands are playing three braided human hair full lace wigs tail extending to at a fine-tooth comb full lace human hair wig let down soda fluffy ponytail and use a rubber band to tie the tail as long as the effect of a lantern ponytail 3, the United States caused by plastic human hair extension spray 200ml / 148RMB finally be fixed headbands, plastic human hair wigs cheap spray caused by the use of the United States and the overall shape of the latest information, please your attention to China's hairdressing salon network.

2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: Liu Qi long human hair weave repair Yen face-lift effect is that people should not be underestimated, and this can be bangs hairstyle round face, long face, square face modified cute. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: dyed red one color short human hair wigs for cancer patients neat and clean, but without losing the trend is particularly striking is broken cheap human hair extensions cut Qi Liu, is not significant, but to create a thick fluffy sense, giving increased illusion. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: BOBO head bangs and long cheap human hair wigs, etc., so that the overall three seven bangs face more sophisticated, but also more calm temperament, but this hairstyle is not suitable for a round face and long face MM are. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: rabbit ears is the most popular winter fashion items, with side bangs comb broken state gives Moe beautiful feeling, thickness of human hair accessories embellishment to add a lot of points this hairstyle Oh. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: dyed light brown BOBO head Asia, bangs oblique comb braided into tails, sweet fashion sense, very suitable for dating oh. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: 46 points of long bangs covered cheeks sensuality, repair Yen effect is very good, but also adds a lovely sweet feeling. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: Three seven bangs hairstyle, length bangs cover just slightly sensual contours of the face blonde human hair extensions, hairstyle with bangs Zafar ultra feminine oh. 2013 girls hairstyle trends Scenes Comments: long golden curls, bangs oblique comb made within the volume, with a hair accessories embellishment, so that the overall shape looks just like beautiful Barbie doll.

Shoulder level by age and face-lift perm correct temperament simple models pear head shape effect: ★★★ ☆☆ simple level: ★★★ ☆☆ fresh index: ★★★★ ☆ burst Qi Liu highlighted the feeling of lightness will also reduce the effect of age unfolded perfectly. The fluffy pear head level is reflected in temperament. Irregular perm plus button within the tail effect, showing jianling repair Yen feeling. Shoulder level by age and face-lift perm correct temperament pear head layering effect: ★★★★ ☆ simple level: ★★★ ☆☆ fresh index: ★★★★ ☆ layering fluffy become unique styling make up. After less monotonous,wholesale human hair style to bring more highlights on. Brown cheap human hair wigs style is also very appropriate to use. Plus fluffy layering, the effect repair Yen easily visible to the naked eye. Perm shoulder level by age and personality style pear head-lift correct temperament effect: ★★★ ☆☆ simple level: ★★★★ ☆ fresh index: ★★★★ ☆ Liu Qi casual style to make it feel heavy perm less rigid, more personality. The reddish-brown human hair weave color under the sun is dazzling. Simple effect on the level within the hot button of the tail, the hair will be clearly visible intention. The more simple the more can show personality. Perm shoulder level by age and by age-lift correct light pear head temperament effect: ★★★★ ☆ simple level: ★★★★ ☆ fresh index: ★★★★ ☆ level + fluffy effect can be the perfect show help it will reduce the age. And heavy Liu Qi forehead to cover the shortcomings of living, is very popular choice. Fluffy feeling will also be more perfect head shape with full lace human hair wigs make up some of.

With the increasing heat of the pursuit of fashion, salon began everywhere. Many entrepreneurs do not possess the financial resources to open a beauty salon club, but want to get involved in the hairdressing industry, it's not impossible, just open a small salon, from the salon decorated begin to make arrangements for it. Recommended salon decoration picture of - white full lace human hair wigs world. Small salon main salon is large compared to the embarrassment, lack of space. Fortunately, people feel that you can rely on the environment has changed the decoration of the salon. If you want a small salon looks bigger, it may be extensive use of visual white diffusion generated, but remember to keep it clean and tidy, otherwise it will be very easy to be dirty. Salon decoration picture Recommended - The magic mirror. In addition to the use of light-colored mirror is the best props illusion of more space. Mirror can make the space instantly doubled. The mirror is mounted on a transparent glass, but also to strengthen this effect. Several mirrors and a few pieces of glass, small salon decoration cost is not high now. Salon decoration picture Recommended - The curtain partition. Due to the limitations of the small salon space, to ensure the integrity of the small salon decorated space becomes critical. White curtain separating each can play a salon space without interrupting the line of sight, but also appeared to be very luxurious elegance. In short, the small salon decorated like a big salon impossible as everything, as long as the overall effect of the comfortable, plus a few unique compact design, it will naturally be attracted to the fixed customer base, extra cash, Rijindoujin friends.